Sheng-Chun Kao

About Me

Hi, I am Sheng-Chun Kao. You can call me Felix.

I am a software engineer in Waymo. I recevied my Ph.D. degree from ECE in Georgia Institute of Techonology in 2022.

My research interest spans across machine learning and computer architecture. I am actively working on ML, ML-assisted accelerator design, and Design Space Exploration.

Research Interest

Machine Learning

ML-based automation, RLs, GA-based optimization, Transformer, Efficient attention for long sequence, Pruning, Quantization, Neural architecture search

Computer Architecture

DNN accelerator, DNN Mapping/Dataflow, Algorithm-HW co-design


Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta GA, Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, in Dr. Tushar Krishna’s group - Synergy Lab

National Taiwan University, Taipei Taiwan, B.S., M.S. in Electronics Engineering, in Dr. An-Yeu Wu’s group - Access Lab

Programming Skills

Proficient: Python, Pytorch, Tensorflow, JAX, C/C++, SQL, Google Cloud Platform, Cloud TPU

Experienced: Matlab, Verilog